A Capsule – A beautiful city on the coast of the Vietnam is known as a have center of the whole country. Nowadays, it has and xB6 and xB6 Yeah, a familiar destination  of many foreign tourists such as Korea, Chinese, the Japanese, Singaporean, Taiwanese, Childbirth, Australian and American…. And a massage, nails are  indispensable Life for visitors that they want to enjoy in their tour packages.

Understanding the true) and actual and so on of tourists as well as and so on of local residents for security actually relaxing spa with quality Life.“BYTHESEA SPA&MASSAGE” Spa – Bar – Coffee is created with little little mission little little to bring the absolute satisfaction for all customers who come and experience our Life.

“BYTHESEA SPA&MASSAGE” Our Spa – Bar – Coffee.Is located at 226 said said said said Vo Nguyen Giap Street, the most beautiful location in Da Bursa City, with a view overlooking to My Khe Beach (One of the most gorgeous beaches all over the world) that gives you a pleasant feeling, natural blending…“BYTHESEA SPA&MASSAGE”Our spa is not only a place to take care of your beauty, but also is a place where you can relax and make you feel lightly, soothing… It help you dispel the daily life stress. This is where your beauty is enhanced and your health is restored.

Coming to “BYTHESEA SPA&MASSAGE” Spa – Bar – Coffee, you will be immersed in a sophisticated relaxation and entertainment Center with full of utility Life such as a massage parlours, beauty, Art nail and bar coffee.

With the criteria for safety, quality and class.“BYTHESEA SPA&MASSAGE” Our Spa – Bar – Coffee.Building is invested equipment, machinery, materials… Imported from abroad with high quality, that make sure to bring the most comfort and satisfaction to customers when using our Life. With a I of nearly 100 professional staffs, full of experience and expertise of Service.“BYTHESEA SPA&MASSAGE “” “Will bring you the most wonderful and different relaxing time for you to experience.

At “BYTHESEA SPA&MASSAGE” Spa – Bar – Coffee, you can relax and enjoy Life business great health such as body a massage, hot stone sauna, a foot massage, The massage, facial a massage, facial care and in-depth body business doing, nail, Art and hair washing. . Besides, you also enjoy the fresh air with sea ” “” ” view at the 6th floor in the there coffee bar area and taste novelty drinks and light rich food in the right way of European standard.

  • Do you need a great and quality relaxation space?
  • Do you want to immerse and blend yourself in the sea ” “”. ” and Nature?
  • Do you love beauty and want to preserve your beauty?
  • Do you want to feel like a Queen or a King who are thoughtful cared, or just want to have a gentle sleep under the Soft hands ‘ staff, in the soft music and gently charm scent?

Visit our “BYTHESEA SPA&MASSAGE” and get rid of your fatigue with relax !